Impressionistic art has always been my favorite so it was only natural that I became interested in Stylized Imagery as a way to interpret my photos so that others could see the subject my way.

While I appreciate a well photographed image – it usually feels to me like something is missing – and I find the realism of some photos cold.  The subject of the photo usually has vibrations, colors, and textures that you can feel but the camera can’t capture fully.

I especially enjoy photographing flowers and animals up close because there is always so much more vibrating around them than what we or the camera can see.  When I am editing  these photos I am remembering those elements and trying to bring them back into the image so that the viewer can see – and feel – what I experienced.

What is really interesting is that the colors and textures that I enhance the photos with are mostly there already – I just use the software to draw them out to be experienced more vividly. 

Below is the image before I enhanced it.  It is a good photograph but I find the one above more interesting and represntative of what I saw and felt.

So which is more real?