I’m Blooming Wild

Blooming wild in color

creating color

imagining color

vibrating color.

Blooming wild with power

power of love

power of self

power of knowing.

Blooming wild and free

free to breathe

free to decide

free to act.

Blooming wild my way

thinking my way

dancing my way

living my way.

I’m blooming wild



freely –

I’m blooming wild my way.

Blooming starts from within.  It’s an awaking that frequently starts with baby steps that progress at a pace that allows the bud to open to its full potential.  When outside control and rules don’t interfere, the bud blooms wild and free.

Often, however, that is not the experience and the bud remains tight – unable to grow or breathe allowing outside forces to determine its fate.

The tension and stress this produces becomes so painful that the bud begins experiencing disease or other disastrous events and must either wilt and die or bloom wildly.

Not wildly out of control, but free – free to decide and choose the speed and direction of her own blooming.

This has been my life.  I’ve created a new space where I can bloom wildly my own way and want to invite you to join me.  Online I will be sharing my art, poetry, and inspirations.  Workshops and retreats are also being planned so that you can come and experience this amazing space and begin your own journey of Blooming Wild!

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